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08.02.2018 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Live Jazz Denver Modern Jazz Denver Latin Jazz' Afro-Cuban Jazz Latin Music


Moderno is a dynamic latin jazz quintet that brings together some of Colorado’s finest players.  The group plays music based on many Afro-Caribbean traditions -- music of Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and others. Featuring pulsating rhythms from traditional latin dances to jazz-influenced beats to funk grooves; the horns lay down a variety of colors -- red-hot to cool and bluesy, and the group’s outstanding soloists stretch their imaginations to give listeners a new and unique experience in each show. Whether just listening or feeling the urge to get up and dance, audiences can’t resist this group’s energy.

Jeremy Wendelin - woodwinds

Derech Banach - trumpet

Pete Ellingson - piano

Jon Cullison - bass

Manuel Lopez - drums

Bandleader and saxophonist Jeremy Wendelin is a versatile musician who brings passion and artistry to every performance. Jeremy has performed in a range of musical situations from street corner to club to concert hall — from solo saxophone to symphony orchestra. He is the lead alto player for the Ultraphonic Jazz Orchestra and saxophonist for the Spotlight Band, and maintains a busy schedule as a freelance player around Colorado. As a teacher, he works with woodwind sections at several Denver-area schools and maintains a small studio of private students. Jeremy regularly leads his jazz quartet at clubs, concerts, and events. Whether playing classic jazz or new compositions, the quartet is always entertaining and exciting. In addition, Jeremy leads the Latin Jazz quintet Moderno, which explores Afro-Caribbean jazz from traditional to contemporary. As a jazz player, teacher, classical soloist — on every stage, Jeremy crafts a great musical experience and invites his audience to enjoy.

$8 per guest artist fee for this special show - reservations recommended!


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